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10 Reasons Why Your Business MUST Use Mobile Marketing NOW

by Rob Keating

mobile phone, you can use this to market to peopleIn this article you can learn the 10 key reasons you should use mobile marketing in your business starting now.

Reason 1: Your text message reaches your customers no matter where they are

Your customers only leave home with three things:

Their car keys, purse or wallet and their mobile phone.

Mobile Marketing ensures your text message reaches your customers no matter where they are.

Text messaging lets you speak to your potential customers in a one-on-one manner that is unmatched by other advertising.

Reason 2: Your offer can be read by customers within minutes

Your prospects and customers can receive and read your offer on their personal mobile phones within minutes.

No more waiting days or weeks for marketing copy to be proofed or for new campaigns to be designed.

You can begin a new campaign from creation to delivery in minutes.

Reason 3: You save money

You save money.
Just the customers who have positive relationships with you — and want to do more business with you — will receive your text messages.

You only pay to market to customers who have opted-in to receive offers from you.

They have given you permission to send the messages.

Reason 4: Text message marketing is effective

Text message marketing is effective.

With redemption rates which could be anywhere from 20% to 70%.

Compare that to email, print, TV, radio or direct mail which averages less than 1% redemption.

Reason 5: Text messages have high open rates

Over 95% of text messages are opened and read.

83% are opened and read within one hour.

No other advertising medium has that relationship with the consumer.

Text message advertising can engage consumers in a way that makes them look forward to more offers from you.

Reason 6: Mobile marketing is cost efficient advertising

Mobile Marketing is cost efficient and produces the highest rate of return for your advertising dollar.

Text messages cost only 5 cents to 10 cents each to send compared to direct mail pieces that can cost over $2.00.

Reason 7: Text marketing delivers your marketing message with no filler

Text marketing delivers your marketing message with no filler.

In 160 characters, your text messages give customers a reason to act quicker and do business with you now.

Just give your customer what they want — short and direct — and they will respond.

Reason 8: Text marketing allows you to measure your advertising results

Text marketing allows you to measure the results and scope of your other advertising.

Place a text-to-action on your direct mail, newspaper, radio or TV ads and …

You will know that day which advertising is producing a return on your investment — and which is not.

Reason 9: Text marketing is highly targeted form of advertising

Text marketing is a highly targeted form of advertising.

You can target your campaigns to specific customers to produce higher redemption rates, and build lists that will produce immediate sales every time you send new text advertisements to them.

Reason 10: Text marketing uses the latest technology that has 5 billion users

Text marketing uses the latest technology that 5 billion customers already have, love and are using — their mobile phones.

Customers like being involved with something new and exciting

They are responding accordingly.

By acting on new mobile marketing opportunities, you are separating yourself from your competitors.

It says your business is moving forward and staying ahead.

You become the obvious leader in your marketplace. 



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